5 Things Nobody Will Tell You About Starting a Business

Starting a business is an amazing venture, and it should be something that you should consider if you want to make a steady income. Today, I would like to share 5 Things Nobody Will Tell you about Starting a Business.

First of all, I would like to mention that starting a business is not for everybody. Want to know why? You will have to read this article carefully because I will explain why it is so.

I have started a couple of businesses and having managed businesses for a few clients, I have come to realize that having a business is not what it looks like on Instagram. On IG, you get to see cute reels from people smiling and so on.

I am not saying that starting a business is a bad decision to make, I am just saying that there are so many misconceptions that people innocently have. And honestly, these misconceptions are dangerous. So, enjoy the ride as I demystify what being an entrepreneur entails.

On your track, Get Set, Let’s Go!

5 things about starting a business

1. The Fact That You Need Money to Start a Business

Since the point of starting a business is to make money, some people just dive into the venture without thinking, because they want to make money after all. This will only end in serious frustration.

You need money to start a business. Nobody ever mentioned that to me, and maybe nobody will tell you to. Businesses cost money, and in most cases, a LOT of money. If you don’t have money, you should look at How to Start a Business You Can Start With Little or No Money.

This does not mean that unless you have millions, you cannot start a business. No, you don’t need a lot of money, but you have to need a good idea to start, and a willingness to work hard on that idea.

Much more than money, a good idea and consistent efforts really matter. If it’s Affiliate Marketing you want to go into, for example, a little token can get you started on the right foot.

Nothing is truly free, not even an online business. This also goes for dropshipping and affiliate marketing, both of which people like to say you can start for free. They’re lying to you! You can’t start those for free, either, at least if you want to be successful in them. If you don’t have the money to even buy a site domain, then save up the money and do an online business later.

Personally, I see people who want to have a website but do not want to pay for the domain name and web hosting as unserious people tbh. Namecheap sells the best domain names and hosting for very little, and if you save up, you can pay up for one month and make the payment that will be valid for a year. Check Namecheap Deals Here.

2. The Fact That Consistency is a Big Deal To Business Growth

Okay, this one was something I already knew, but someone from Twitter, named Emmanuel shared an experience as an entrepreneur.

We know Consistency is important. Maybe someone told you already. But you will not realize how important it is until you dive into the ocean called Business.

Emmanuel Said:


And you have that. We can see the power of hardcore consistency in a business.

Personally, this issue has affected the growth of my Business’ Instagram Page. The growth has really been stunted because I have not been consistently putting out social media content there.

The same goes for your business. When you start the business, you get so excited, ask everybody to follow your pages, and you may gather hundreds of followers for a start if you are quite popular like I am, or maybe not, or maybe more.

The real work is in being consistent. Let people see what you are doing and keep feeding them with the right content they signed up for!

3. The Fact that You are On Your Own

“We will support you”, “Yasss, queen” and so on are the amazingly kind words you will hear when you start your business. But please, do not deceive yourself that your friends will like all your social media posts, share your business’ story, etc.

You are on your own as a business owner.

You have to learn how to work very hard without the accolades, loud noise, and glaring support. You have to wake up each day with the determination to advance your business and satisfy your customers.

The average price you must pay is around 16 to 17 hours a day. That means it’s 7 days a week. No vacation and no time off.

It’s your business. Take your eye off the ball and there goes your business you worked so hard to build – Gone like the wind.

Do not expect any genie to suddenly fill in the gaps for you. Stand up, Network, Put efforts and your business will grow.

4. You Do Need a Great Idea from The Start

Okay, I know that I said something earlier:

No, you don’t need a lot of money, but you have to need a good idea to start, and a willingness to work hard on that idea.

I am not conflicting myself. The truth is that the biggest mistake people make is they think they need some great idea at the outset, and that stops them from starting.

The great idea comes at stage 6 (keep adjusting by learning from customers), not stage 2 (think of an idea).

Sometimes, all you need to do is to put your skill out there and improve on it. Over time, you will find yourself at the center of a need that some people are. They are your customers and your job is to help them meet that need.

5. There are Tools That Can Make Entrepreneurship Easier For You

Starting a business and managing it is not very easy, especially if your budget is not so much. You will have to plan content for social media, draft newsletters, and so on.

We are in the Digital Age, so you do not have to do every single thing that is needed. There are some nice tools that can simplify your work and make things easier for you.

Tools like Canva, Mailchimp, and so on will make your work easier.

To find out about the amazing tools, read this article.






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  1. Oyibo Deborah Avatar
    Oyibo Deborah

    Good morning, this is really great. Please keep it up. I own a business presently but I don’t know how to manage it with school, so I tend to abandon the business till holidays and it’s not really nice. Please how can I go about this?

    1. Tomjoe Akanbi Avatar
      Tomjoe Akanbi

      Aww thank you so much. This was so encouraging. I will make a post up about this particular thing you talked about. It was on my mind but I kept procrastinating.

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