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How to Start a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business in 2022

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Affiliate Marketing is a quiet goldmine. Millions of people all over the world are in the promising field of Affiliate Marketing. Some people are even seriously involved in Affiliate Marketing offline, but they do not know.

For example, Mr. A sells exotic cars, and Mr. C needs one of the cars Mr. A has to sell. But there is no direct link between the both of them, and that is where Mr. B – who serves as the bridge between them, comes to the field of play. Mr. B is who you would usually call a Middleman, right? Obviously, Mr. B will not connect them together for free. That would just be a waste of influence, energy, and time!

This arrangement is the concept behind Affiliate Marketing Business. Now, it’s not that boring. Mr. B in the real sense of the matter will be the middle man between many Mr. A kind of people and Mr. C kind of people.

Remember that I told you that you don’t have to literally burn out in the name of doing business, and you can use tools to automate and save your time as an entrepreneur? Today, I will be giving you a step-by-step guide to starting a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business from wherever you are in the world!

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you promote someone’s products or services. When someone buys through your affiliate link, you get a commission.

As an affiliate, you’re working for the company outside the company. You help them to make sales, and the company rewards you.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you can do it anyhow you can- you are allowed to be creative about it. The only thing the company is interested in is that sales come through a specific link given to you, and you will be rewarded per sale.

Like I said earlier, as an affiliate marketer, you can promote products from many different companies and earn commissions from all of them.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing is actually performance-based. What this means is that the affiliate marketer (you) will get paid, if and only if a sale is made or a specific action is taken. In the following sections, you find out how the internet can help you with many opportunities to maximize your earnings, and how affiliate marketing is very different from other online businesses.

How Affiliate Marketing Actually Works

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

I gave an example of the traditional concept of Affiliate Marketing that was effective in the pre-internet era.

That is how it works, but a problem with that setting is that a lot was left to chance. You could never be sure whether the relationship you created would ever lead to any reciprocal benefit from those you helped, or whether the two parties would go behind your back and not need you anymore.

There was no easy way of tracking when purchases were made too, and who made the purchase (in the sale of large-scale marketing).

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The internet changed everything. Now there was an easy-to-use tracking mechanism (the cookie) that could show you when a purchase was made, what it was for, and the referrer who was due the affiliate commission.

For example, here is how my Domain name and Web hosting affiliates work on this website.

Imagine that a reader visits my post about domain names. They click on one of my affiliate links, leading them to Namecheap.

But the person realized that he has to pick up his son from school. So he leaves the house, picks up his son, has dinner, and then finally goes back to his shopping cart.

Since he is already shopping on Namecheap, they decide to purchase SSL and Web hosting too.

Here’s the good news. Earlier, he clicked on my affiliate link and a cookie was stored on his device. Because Namecheap has a 24-hour cookie duration, I get compensated for both the winter jacket and ski gear—even though I didn’t promote the latter.

How to Find Buyers

There are different ways to find buyers online, and contrary to what you were expecting, there is no shortcut. But here is a list of how you can find buyers. It is very easy to get products and services to promote. What is harder is getting buyers who will actually make the purchases:

  1. Blog Post
  2. Webinars
  3. Sponsored Posts
  4. Your circle- friends, and family etc.

What Platform Do I Use?

I use Shareasale to handle all my affiliate marketing programs, including Namecheap.

If you loved the article, and want a continuation or have a question, kindly use the comments box below and I will make another article!

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