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This is one reason why Ecommerce Websites owned by Student Entrepreneurs Fail

Ecommerce involves selling and buying online. Today, I will reveal to you some factors that contribute to the failure of e-commerce websites owned by student entrepreneurs.

Few weeks ago, I wrote about the Reasons why Ecommerce businesses fail. If you need something more general, and not just tied to student entrepreneurs, you should read that article.

However, if you are a student looking at building and launching an e-commerce website soon, consider this article to be a necessary checklist if you don’t want your e-commerce website idea to fail. Once you know what to avoid, it becomes easy for you to make the right choices and have the best approach towards running the online store.

Let me tell you in advance, your health as an entrepreneur is important. So when trying to tweak your e-commerce website idea, do not overwork yourself. Make steady changes fast. Wait- that sounds weird. But really, don’t make the mistake of ruining relationships and your health because you want to break even fast. Relax, you probably have time.

Why Do Online Stores (ecommerce stores) of Student Entrepreneurs Fail?

Running an online store means that you will not be able to physically interface with every single prospective client. It is not just possible.

This means that your site must be VERY OKAY for a visitor to trust you enough to look for what they want and make payments for it.

As a student Entrepreneur, you do not have too much ‘extra-time’ to waste. You need to know what you are doing- and I am here to help you with just that.

Here is a checklist of what I think you must take seriously. This is important if you really want to beat your competitors and win the heart of your target audience. Once again, these are things that you must take note of, and avoid:

  1. Bad ecommerce hosting platform
  2. Poor design
  3. Nonresponsive website
  4. Unclear terms – Returns, Shipping, etc
  5. Ugly product designs
  6. No clear contact phone number.
  7. Empty pages – Many eCommerce websites of student entrepreneurs have this problem!
  8. Forms that do not work
  9. Low budget for the eCommerce website- thus it looks so cheap and fake.
  10. Bad payment portal.
  11. Poor SEO.

If you have some experience with e-commerce or web design, you should be able to avoid these ‘deathtraps’ on the checklist above. If you don’t, a good web development company can save you a lot of headaches.

If you want me to create a video where I will explain every one of the points above, let me know in the comments section and I might be convinced to talk about these mistakes so that you can avoid them. But if this list is enough, that is totally fine.

Student entrepreneurs have the advantage of access to a large number of people (students), so you have to present an ecommerce website that is of a good standard!

Thank you for reading. I hope this helped you!

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