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Flutterwave launches Send – A platform that allows you send money worldwide

Flutterwave has really transformed the financial space in Nigeria and Africa. Now, they are spreading their tentacles to other parts of the world. Now, Flutterwave has launched a new platform, called Send. Send allows you to send money to anybody anywhere in the world – directly to their bank account.

So whether you want to send some Christmas money to a relative, or you want to send some money to a friend or anyone anywhere really, Send is the platform you might want to use. I took a look at Send, and one thing that makes Send an amazing platform is the fact that the whole process has been made very simple with this money sending platform.

Through Send, businesses, business owners and individuals can easily carry out money transfer solutions for their clients or even create their money transfer solutions powered by Send.

Within minutes or within days? You get to even choose!

Send allows you to send money, either to the bank account of the recipient or to their Barter account (if they have one). Barter is another platform that Flutterwave has, and I started using barter last year. I must say that it is very wonderful.

The only requirement if you want a faster delivery is to ensure the recipient has a Barter account. To create a Barter account, click here to get started.

 send money account or barter

Money transfers to bank accounts take from one to three working days, whereas transfers to Barter accounts are instant. The recipient receives the money in seconds when Barter is selected as the delivery method.

Send unlocks a new world of endless possibilities for Individuals

Individuals are able to conveniently send money to friends and family via Send. Send is a deliberate decision built on four pillars, according to their website. I will go through those pillars now.

First, Transparency. This means that no hidden charges will occur. Any extra charges say because of where your card is being charged from, must be presented to you prior to completing the transaction. Unlike other money-sending portals online, you will not be faced with hidden charges.

Speed – Speed means more than just the speed of the app i.e load time, number of screens, fields, and clicks to get to what‘s needed. The speed of the entire transaction matters. This is why Barter is integrated as a receiving method to ensure faster transactions.

Coverage – With Flutterwave’s rapidly growing extensive coverage of regions across the globe, we’ve built a product that will cover as many regions as possible for both sending and receiving actions. It’s important to us that you’re able to always send and receive money anywhere, anytime.

Convenience – This starts with the ease of use e.g from the password-less login for the web app to the convenience of the payment options available both to the receiver and to the sender.

How Send by Flutterwave Can Help Your Business 

send by Flutterwave

Send helps you to make easy and quick transfers, so just like individuals, your business is able to leverage the power of Send to send money to your suppliers, contractors, employees etc.

Send creates endless possibilities for your businesses through 4 different ways:

 1. Easy and Straightforward Payment To Suppliers & Contractors Across The Globe

With Flutterwave’s rapidly growing coverage across the globe, transferring money to your contractors and suppliers has become seamless. Send is easy to use, fast and transparent as there are no hidden charges when you are sending money to your suppliers. Send also ensures the recipient receives the money in a convenient way; they can receive their funds via Barter (in minutes), their Bank, or a Cash Pick-Up agent.

2. Easily Pay All Your Employees’ Salary At Once!

With Send, you can easily pay your employees. You just need to choose the “bulk transfer” option on the “transfers” segment of your dashboard, set up the payroll, upload it and Send takes it from there!

To set up the payroll, you need a “csv” file that contains the account number, bank name, amount, and narration.

3. Send Money To Over 40+ Countries

With over 5 years of building payment infrastructure, leveraging relationships and partnerships, Flutterwave has helped African businesses to do business with the world. Send will thrive on this needed groundwork and empower Flutterwave businesses to easily send money to over 150 currencies across 40+ countries.

4. Build Great Products With Send’s APIs

Businesses and fintech startups can easily leverage the power of Send to build great products by integrating Send’s API endpoints and SDKs into their products. The integration allows you to process all kinds of transfers – one-time, bulk, recurring and more. Your product will also enjoy all the benefits of Send – speed, coverage (over 150 currencies), transparency, and convenience.

To integrate Send APIs in your product, read more on Flutterwave’s documentation page.

How to Use Send Platform to Send Money

You don’t even need to create an account to start. Click the “Send Now” button on Send’s website page and enter your money transfer details i.e amount, sending currency/country, and receiving currency/country.

Next, input your email address or continue with either Google or Apple accounts.

Fill in “Personal Details,” “Recipient Details,” “Review” the details, and make “Payment.”

how to use send by flutterwave

Don’t take my word for it though. Try Send now.


That’s all about Send for now. What do you think about this new platform? Talk to me in the comments







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