How I Got Plenty Traffic to My Blog Without Publishing Anything

How to get blog traffic without posting something new

A few days ago, I posted about how you can publish blog posts every single day.

But I did not publish any new blog posts yesterday. I love experiments.

I wanted to try something, and see if it works. And it did.

If you are a blogger, or a writer, this tip is a very helpful one that can help you get people to read your online content, even when you are too busy to write something new.

If you are lazy, or you think I’ll show you how to spam, this tip won’t help you.

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What did I do? I made use of a tool that you have, that is free, and available, even on your mobile phone – SOCIAL MEDIA.

How Social Media Helped Me Get Traffic

Haha. That’s it. I used social media.

Social media is one of the many avenues to get free traffic that many bloggers ignore.

If you need to multiply the amount of website visits your blog gets, you should read my blog post on How to Increase Your Site Traffic.

So, I made a lot of posts on Twitter and LinkedIn. Will be sharing screenshots too.

Social Media 1 – Twitter

The First Twitter Post That Gave Me Traffic:

According to Twitter, this tweet had 25 impressions yesterday. Not bad.

The Second Twitter Post That Gave Me Traffic:

This was an interesting story I composed. According to Twitter, it had 108 impressions.

The Third Twitter Post That Gave Me Traffic:

This tweet was about me, appreciating my audience. I knew that some people would visit my blog from it. It had 32 impressions.

The Fourth Twitter Post That Gave Me Traffic:

This educative thread about SEO had 738 impressions. I just came up with it, spontaneously.

The Other Things I Did on Twitter to Get Traffic

I also retweeted some of my old tweets.

Social Media 2 – LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a goldmine. I wrote some posts on LinkedIn too.

I made a simple infographic showing the posts I made, and the number of impressions they got:

Get traffic to blog by posting on LinkedIn

Summary: You Can Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

As you can see, your blog can grow. You don’t always have to write every time.

The idea is that you have to work every day. Whether you write or not, make sure you do something that will help your blog grow.

Do you have a blog? Tell me about your blog, and drop a link in the comments box below!

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