Top 15 Gift Ideas for Nigerian Men in 2022

Top 15 Gift Ideas for Nigerian Men in 2022

The average Nigerian man is not difficult to please; all it takes is a small gesture to make him smile and tell him how much you care about him. Unfortunately, he only sometimes gets gifts, especially from ladies.

It may be challenging to choose a gift for a significant guy in your life when you may not be able to get him the newest iPhone, a car, or a trip to Zanzibar.

Please, don’t let the excuse of being broke stop you from buying something for your man, brother, dad or friend this Christmas. We know times are hard, but the truth is, it’s not about how big the gift is, most times.

Don’t even think of buying flowers. He will definitely be confused lool.

Nigerian men don’t really know how to appreciate flower gifts. 

We prefer to see the physical cash or items we can use.

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Getting Gifts for Nigerian Men

Usually, it takes planning and attention to detail to find a wonderful gift for someone. It would help if you considered the recipient of the gift you are planning to give.

What do they enjoy doing, or how do they pass their free time? What kind of music are they into? What are their favorite foods or the things that excite or light up?

These details may be useful when buying these gifts. They’ll appreciate the gifts and realize that you pay attention to what they say and do.

These 15 reasonable gift ideas will help you get something tangible for that Nigerian bobo, without breaking the bank.

Everything on this list can be ordered online from Jumia. So you don’t even need to worry about going to the market, or finding a personal shopper!

#1. Rechargeable Hair Clipper

Having a nice haircut and clean shave actually matters a lot to men. Most men always want to have a smart look that will get them a lot of respect from people. But the thing is, using a shared clipper at the barbing saloon is risky, it is best if one has his own hair clipper.

So you can buy this inexpensive hair clipper that is just N7,250. I have checked the reviews and all the men that bought this clipper came back to say that they were happy to have it!

Buy a rechargeable hair clipper from Jumia

#2. Bright Flashlight – for the Old man

This one is for your dad. If your dad is like mine and loves going around the compound at night when the generator is off, you might want to consider getting a bright flashlight.

Not all men are like this, but if your dad and mine are on the same group chat, you should consider buying a rechargeable, high-power bright flashlight. Luckily, I saw one on Jumia for less than N5000!

Buy a bright flashlight from Jumia

#3. Jewelry – Nigerian Men love them

See, you can’t buy this one from Jumia. You will have to visit Stylio. Sometimes, I talk to people about getting strong jewelry and get surprised when they say they do not know Stylio.

But let me warn you ahead, once you visit Stylio’s page, you will want to buy many things, because they have so many unique pieces that will fit that special guy perfectly!

Check out Stylio Jewelry

#4. Double-sided Reversible Belt for Men

Every man has a belt, and most times, we usually have two favorite belts, one black, and one brown. But this belt features a nice leather strap on both sides, so your bobo can finish off any look in black or brown with just a twist of the buckle. You get two leather belts for the price of one! This belt is versatile for any occasion and can be worn for everyday, formal, casual, or professional looks when you need to look your best. A good gift for you to present to your dad, brother, man, or male friends, it costs less than four thousand naira!

Buy the double-sided reversible belt

#5. Tank top Singlets

If you are going to buy this, please ensure that this is one of many gifts you will be sending at that particular time and that the recipient is in a non-platonic relationship with you. If a regular female friend gives me this, I’d most likely decline because, omo.


But men change their singlets after a while, so he would most likely love it. But because of vulnerability and ego factors, we would most likely say no to your singlet gift, lol. Unless there is a relationship involved (blood or love).

Buy Chase Deer 3 in-1 Tank Top singlets for N5200

#6. Business Ties for Men

I remember Uche very well. When I was in year 4, the president of my department at that time (Uche) reached out to me on my birthday and gifted me a tie. Honestly, that touched me, and it meant a lot.

It’s not about the gift, but the thoughtfulness.

Ties are not expensive, but they can mean a lot to a guy if he loves wearing corporate wear or has to wear them.

I found a collection of ties on Jumia that you might want to get for that man.

Buy 8 Business Ties from Jumia

#7. Photochromic Glasses

Photochromic glasses are glasses that change color when you are under the sun. So when you wear it under the sun, it turns into a sunshade. I found a special glass that is just N6,300 and combines the power of a photochromic and blue-light filter glasses.

Buy Photochromic glasses from Jumia

#8. Collapsible Water Bottle

This water bottle is a perfect gift for any fitness buff or anyone you want to encourage to become fit. Help that remarkable man work for a great body and not just wish for it.

This water bottle can be compressed, so it does not take up so much space in his bag and is just a little above N6500.

collapsible water bottle

Buy a very fine collapsible water bottle from Jumia

#9. Car Jump Starter Powerbank

If your man has a car, I would recommend that you buy a Car Jump starter powerbank for him. What does it do?

A car jump starter power bank can help him start his car when the car battery dies. It can save him a lot of stress and embarrassment in the middle of the road.

I remember earlier this year, when I traveled for an occasion, my dad’s car refused to start and all I had to do was get the jump starter powerbank, connect it to the two ends of the battery, and the car came back to life!

car jumpstarter powerbank

Buy Car JumpStarter Powerbank for N19k

#10. External Hard Drive

You might want to buy him an external hard drive. It is a portable way to store files safely. Most times, we have so many things on our computers, so having additional storage will go a long way in making life easier!

So, buy him an external hard drive instead of buying him boxers!

You can even see a Seagate 1Tb hard drive to buy for just 23 thousand naira!

Buy Seagate External Hard Drive for Him

#11. Spiritual Books

If you notice that his bible is getting torn or worn out, you can decide to get him a new bible or buy religious books for him. Luckily, there is an entire catalog of bibles and holy books that you can order from Jumia.

Check Jumia Bibles

#12. Sony Playstation 5 (PS5)

Many guys argue that a round of video games for him is as therapeutic as a full-body massage. So if he loves video games, and you are financially capable, you can get that Nigerian man in your life a PS5 as a gift.

Sinzu! Spending!

Buy PS5 from Jumia

#13. Sweatpants for Men

Sweatpants are the most comfortable clothing of all possible options, which is one of the main reasons for their popularity. There are days that we need sweatpants. After a long and hard day, wearing sweatpants is like allowing our body to breathe again. In this crazy world, feeling comfort is one of the best things.

Buy Trendyol High-Quality Sweatpants

#14. Wristwatches

Almost every man loves wearing a wristwatch. But the thing is, not every man would bother to buy one for himself. Not because he cannot afford it, but because he doesn’t see it as a serious want.

If you get a man a wristwatch, he would appreciate it, because it would complete his attire.

I wanted to avoid picking a specific wristwatch for you. So follow the link below and choose any watch that matches your budget!

Buy wristwatches from Jumia.

#15. Help His Life

Finally, you can tell your man about blog! Why? We have different articles that can help him. I am sure he would love our articles on Productivity!


They said Nigerian women have money. Spend money on that man today!






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