How to Make Your Business Stand Out in 2021

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One of the most important things you need to think about as you grow your business is how to make your business stand out. The business world- whether online or offline is a fast growing marketplace where being different means a better chance of surviving, business growth, and making more sales.

Nobody likes feeling like a small fish in a big pond, and I am sure you want your business to grow too.

Let’s face it, staying in business can be very difficult given that our customers have too many choices on where to spend their hard-earned cash.  So the question I asked myself was “How do I make my business stand out from the crowd so that people will choose to spend their dollars with me?.

I got a few answers and I will be sharing these secrets with you today.

Position your Business Properly

If you are a good reader of this blog, you would be used to the statement ‘You can’t sell to everybody’.

Even if your business deals with selling toothpicks online, you will have a pool of target customers. The mistake many inexperienced Entrepreneurs make is trying to sell everything to everybody. That is a business-wrecking strategy.

Focusing on a niche would make you have a laser-focus on your business and properly utilized the most appropriate strategies in terms of lead generation, advertisement, and market targeting.

When it comes time for a customer to choose you over a competitor, positioning your business properly makes it clear why you’re the right choice.

This will help you make your business stand out in no time!

What Makes You Stand Out?

Let’s say you sell clothes and I sell vintage skirts. It is much easier for someone looking for vintage skirts to come to me than to go to you- because I decided to ‘specialize’ in a particular aspect.

Proper positioning of your business will make you assured that no one can compete with your business because of its uniqueness.

I really want you to understand this concept.

business stand out

The truth is, to effectively and rightly position your business, you must think beyond your products or services.

What do I mean? I mean, you must establish a fact that there is no business that can give your customers what you want as you would! It takes time, but with consistency, you will surely get there.

Make your Business Stand out By Coming up with something New!

Even if you find yourself in a busy industry, that doesn’t mean you have to simply stick to the status quo. Finding ways to change up your industry allows you to stand out and be heard.

If your industry is full of competitors, you need to aim to be different from them, rather than simply following in their footsteps.

One way to do this is to take advantage of your status as a small business. Not everyone is looking to big corporations for their services, so there are definitely benefits to showing yourself as a boutique brand that can deliver personalized service for a more reasonable price.

Another way to stand out is by playing on a local angle. Large businesses rarely engage fully with their local area, as they need to be applicable to a national or even global audience. This gives

your business the chance to align itself with other local businesses and communities, building on your success through local events, opportunities, and good old-fashioned word of mouth.

Solving a problem Brings Business Growth

The purpose of a business is solving problems.

Find out what common problems your clients have and be the best at solving them. Make your solutions turnkey so you can solve their problems faster and with better results.

If the competition is solving problems too, make the way you deliver your services or how you work with your customers unique.

Try to get to the solution faster and more accurately than the competition can deliver.

Make it Easier to Work with you (This helps grow your business)

Work on your business model to make it easy as possible to work with you. Provide access to you via text or email 24×7. Simplify your contract or instead, use an engagement letter.

Do whatever it takes to make working with you easy and convenient. Consider contacting a very good website development agency if you do not have a website.

Offer a Guarantee

Can you guarantee next-day delivery? Are you confident enough in your product or service to stand behind it 100%? Can you guarantee a month or one year warranty?

If so, guarantee it. Adding this type of assurance to your marketing message shows customers and prospects that you truly care about their satisfaction.

Here’s the only thing you need to remember: you must back up your guarantee if and when the time comes!

Create Irresistible Offers

Be creative with your service packages and add so much value that it’s hard to say no. If you offer training, give people access to a free module or a money-back guarantee. If you have a

membership site, offer a free trial for a month to try it out. If you sell delicate products, offer some amount of warranty for new users!

Listen to your Customers

Look at your product or service and determine who needs it. Are you a clothing boutique? Market to women who live close by.  Do you provide consulting services? Market to small businesses.
Think about who your product would be the most beneficial to.
your customers make your business stand out

Help your business to stand out by paying careful attention to what your competitors are doing and offering more to your clients.

Spend some extra time thinking about the people you are reaching and how you can make their life easier and more enjoyable.

Understanding what your client really wants improves the experience for the client and a better experience means a greater likelihood of your business standing out among the rest.


Standing out in a crowd of competitors is no easy task, and it’s getting more difficult all the time. Choose one or more of these tactics to ensure your business growth.

Before you say bye, have you checked out these 5 free Online tools for Successful Business Owners?

Do not forget to decide on your Business New Year’s Resolution.

Has this helped you? Drop a comment below!

2 responses to “How to Make Your Business Stand Out in 2021”

  1. Abiodun Ajayi Avatar
    Abiodun Ajayi

    Amazing write up! Thank you so much for explaining this in a simple way. It is true that the business world is now competitive, and these points will help fresh business owners like me stand out in the coming years! Thank you

  2. Sarah Peter Avatar
    Sarah Peter

    I think it is the part where you spoke about choosing a niche for me. I can’t wait to apply these golden rules. Thanks

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