Legit Ways to make money online

Legit Ways to Make Money Online – NEW LIST

Making money online is like walking around a dark room. If you do not get directions, you will be frustrated. Here, I am going to show you legit ways to make money online.

Have you ever heard the phrase “make money online”? What comes to your mind? Do you know that there are a thousand and one opportunities available for anyone to make money online? Yesterday, I met with a very young man that has been making a lot of money online since about 10 years ago – years before I started making money too.

If you have been reading my blog posts for a long time now, you might think that I have a personal bias and unfair hatred for a regular 9 to 5 job. I don’t!. The reason I always campaign about the importance of having online skills is that I do not like the ‘slavery’ that 9 to 5 brings. You can be owing someone with the hopes that you will clear the debt after your salary has been paid. What if you’re fired before the middle of that month? Your safe bubble bursts.

While everybody cannot be a freelancer or a blogger, it is important to have a side business that you can always fall back to. It will definitely pay off in the end!

Back to my story, today, I want to show you legitimate ways that can earn you a stable income. And before I go further, I will tell you the truth that most bloggers or ‘coaches’ do not want to tell you. Making money online takes time in most cases. So, you will have to consistently show up, and put in your energy + time to make things work for you.

In my last post, I shared Online Business Ideas for Lazy people. I am going to be writing on stuff like this for a long while because we are in a pandemic where:

  • A lot of jobs have been lost
  • Things are more expensive to buy in the market
  • We don’t have the luxury of moving unnecessarily
  • It is easy to fall ill and contract COVID
  • We have seen the importance of having time for your loved ones.

I have met many people who are sincerely tired of being broke, and they want to make money online. I could hear the frustration from their voices and I knew that the knowledge I have and assumed everybody has is actually as scarce as gold. Not that it is not available everywhere online, but that there is too much information that nobody knows where to start.

Don’t take my word for it. Head on to Google and search ” How to Make Money Online”.  You will get tons and tons of answers, and a lot of pages would pop up. At the end of your quest (if you go through every single website), you might be motivated, but you will definitely be confused.

how to make money online google search

I was curious. So I clicked on page 10. I wanted to be sure that all we had were ten pages. Lo and behold, the pages never end. That means that there are millions of blogs or websites that have tried to show people how to make money, and only about 40% of the information shared is generally useful.how to make money online google search

This is exactly why I am writing this guide. This is for young people that want to make money online. You know there has to be a way and you are good – you do not want to go into crime or ignore your moral or spiritual values.

Here’s a guide that should help you. I am going to put out a list of Legit ways you could make money online. Each of these listed below has been proven to work.

If you want me to treat these money-making opportunities one by one, let me know in the comments!

How To Make Legit Money Online

  1. Sell your skills on Fiverr
  2. Become a Virtual Assistant:
  3. Offer Article Writing Service
  4. Freelancing
  5. Start a profitable blog
  6. Create YouTube Videos or a channel :
  7. Guest Posting For Your Clients
  8. Affiliate Marketing
  9. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
  10. Online Paid Surveys
  11. Become A Broker For Webmasters And Website Owners
  12. Become a Transcription freelancer
  13. Dropshipping
  14. Write books
  15. Make Money with other skills eg Cryptography, Data Analytics etc

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Making legit money online is not as easy as it is usually advertised to be, but there are plenty of opportunities for those who are willing to make sacrifices of time and money. The 15 opportunities listed above are stellar ways to kick-start that dream.

With the right approach, you will need only one of the opportunities listed above to make the first of many sales. If you need a little help, please reach out.

What do you plan to learn or go into, among the 15 opportunities listed above?






2 responses to “Legit Ways to Make Money Online – NEW LIST”

  1. Theo Avatar

    How can I get around selling my skills on Fiverr

    1. Tomjoe Akanbi Avatar
      Tomjoe Akanbi

      Thank you for your question, Theo. On Fiverr, you can create ‘gigs’. Gigs are tasks that you are offering for a fee. When you create gigs, people can buy the gigs and you can charge them for your service. Does that answer your question?

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