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Everyone wants to start a business. Everyone needs a money-making venture. We all want to make money, which is exactly why the thought of this post came to me this morning. Yesterday, I talked about how you can Start your Blog Yourself, and today, I am going to share amazing Online Business Ideas for lazy People.

I started this year by putting out an Ultimate List of Online Business Ideas. That got a lot of engagement and feedback. But the problem is that not everyone can handle ‘tough’ online jobs. What if you just want to combine this online business with an already established offline venture?


Maybe you cannot handle eCommerce, or you cannot run ads experiments on your online store. If this applies to you, this article is for you, and you will enjoy it.

Thanks to the Internet and the possibility it brings- you do not have to be a factory worker or school teacher where you exert so much energy to earn a reasonable income. If you put in the effort and you are consistent in any of the Online business ideas I will share with you now, you will earn five, six, or seven figures. Lazy people can make money too.

Can Lazy People Make Money Online?

Business and laziness are two opposite terms. Business requires characteristics that are the exact opposite of laziness. A lazy person cannot sacrifice. A lazy person is too scared to take risks. You need to work hard and give you ALL to yield success.

So, can a lazy person make money online? The answer is yes, you simply need to find out which businesses are best for lazy people. The best solution is to choose an area where your laziness is an asset.

Now you will ask, “How is that even possible?” Read on for the answer as shared below are some business ideas for lazy entrepreneurs.

If your laziness is ‘safe’, you can make money running an online or offline business, it does not matter- these strategies will work for both. But if your laziness means that you are totally unwilling to work or put in tangible effort, there is only one end to that:

Laziness is Dangerous – Let me Explain

laziness is dangerous for business

You might be confused at this point. WAS THIS POST NOT SUPPOSED TO FINALLY SHOW YOU THE BENEFITS OF YOUR LAZINESS? DID I SCAM YOU? No. Just wait- and let me explain.

Laziness is dangerous. But there is a fine line between being extremely lazy (that is where the verse above applies) and not wanting to ‘always busy’ kind of life. I think you should lean towards the latter.

Personally, I am on an internship now and I have discovered that the 9 to 5 is not just for me. If you are like me in this regard, then this post is definitely for you! And I will show you how you can transform that ‘laziness’ into something useful, like a money-making business idea!

Positive Laziness

Bill Gates said, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

American professor Arnold Ludwig once analyzed more than 1000 people who achieved the greatest success in their lives. He came to the conclusion that apart from having some natural talent, you need to be able to waste time!. Surely, it may sound paradoxical for our century and lifestyle. Even Einstein used to say that boredom is a great tool for developing your imagination and creativity.

In our society, hard work is appreciated as it is considered the only way to achieve success. Laziness has no place in fast-paced lifestyles. However, if you look around, you will find people who seem to do nothing but are still successful. How do they do that? An average freelancer who does for foreign clients from his laptop will earn more than an average teacher in a rural school that spends the most part of his day screaming, teaching, marking notes, and imparting knowledge. Life is simply not balanced.

The “lazy business person” does not work hard; he works smart. They are very innovative and intelligent. They know how to make things work with the least effort.

The lazy person (in this sense) cannot do a 9–5 job. It is quite difficult for them. Sure, they can excel in places that offer freedom, flexibility, and alone time. But because this is not the popular opinion, everyone ends up doing a 9 to 5, because they have to make money, even if they do not find fulfillment doing so. Sad!

With Tech, There are Countless Online Business Ideas

While technology has made it easier to start a business, there’s still an infinite supply of problems just waiting to be solved. There are millions of people you can reach out to, from the comfort of your home. With tons of ideas out there, all you need to do is to concentrate on one stream and put your everything into it. This is because there are millions of people trying to climb up the ladder too.

I am going to give you the list, right after this:

Where Laziness Can Be An Advantage

1. Laziness means You are Creative

Lazy people are very creative when it comes to organizing their work. They don’t waste time on unnecessary things and get strict to the point. A lazy entrepreneur will always find a way to automate and optimize all the repetitive processes in their jobs. As there is nothing more annoying for a lazy person than regular, usual monotonous work.

2. Lazy people always try to make life easier

People got tired of digging the ground manually- so the digging machine was invented. People got tired of the cleaning – they invented a vacuum cleaner. Who knows, maybe the people science calls lazy people were people who just got tired of the regular and usual methods of getting things done.

3. Lazy people know when to rest

The most important thing is to know when to relax, as the more energy people expend, the less you have of it to fulfill big plans. Besides, some scientists think that getting up early if you are a night owl and making yourself exercise intensively has a destructive effect on your health, especially after you are 40.

4. Lazy people are entrepreneurial

Often lazy people are very enterprising. They have many ideas and projects as their minds are not filled with excessive thoughts and responsibilities. They think in different categories. It is important for them that the work process is not boring and there are guaranteed results at the end.

5. Lazy people are more relaxed

Lazy people jump from one thing to the other all the time. They take the time and get to task after task. While some people panic, their attention gets distracted and they don’t fully commit to tasks. Lazy people, on the other hand, have fewer worries and calmly do their jobs.

6. Lazy people automate

In our time, there are lots of software, applications, and gadgets that allow people to get jobs done much quicker. Lazy people know about all those things and use them to get the tasks done faster. For example, if they work on a document, they will use useful tools like Grammarly to check their grammar, or Canva to make simple designs. This way, they save time being lazy and make money.

Online Business Ideas For Lazy People – The List

Based on my experience, there are only two alternatives to a regular, boring 9 to 5 lifestyle. You do not have to start suddenly, and I am not asking you to leave your current job. You have to learn about your chosen path and start by dedicating few hours to it per day before you eventually switch. And for some ideas, you can start without capital!

  1. Freelancing
  2. Starting an Online Business


Freelancing means that you work for different clients over the world. Before you can be a freelancer, you will need to have skills. It is those skills that you can monetize and earn from. For example, I am a freelancer on Upwork and Fiverr, and I get gigs from those platforms sometimes — because I have skills to offer. As a lazy person, you can make money by working online, while you stay at home comfortably.

So, if you are good at web design, transcribing, typing, designing, consulting, or even singing or anything, you can be a freelancer! All you need is to sign up on Upwork or Fiverr today and offer your services. Getting the first client is not so easy, but when you eventually do and they give you positive reviews for a job well done, it becomes easier!

Create a Fiverr Account

Create an Upwork Account

Starting an Online Business

Here are online business ideas that can make you rich! Here are 24 Extra Business Ideas.

Final Message To You

I relate to this article very well. Because unlike everyone else, I work hard but I do not believe that hard work will guarantee success- it is more than that. I am sometimes lazy (I already defined what “my” lazy means), but I don’t see my laziness as something that has always held me back.

I am so lazy that there is no way I could work a normal job. As amazing as my current internship is, I cannot wait for it to end. That is why I have gathered a handful of useful skills. Looking back, making money online is sweet. I believe that I have not even started!

As long as we are rich in motivation, we will never be too lazy for giving our best.

It’s probably a safe bet to say that laziness may be more in the eye of the beholder than in the attitude of many perceived to be lazy by others.

For example, Thomas Edison was, perhaps, one of the laziest people in history. He spent a good deal of life seeming to be daydreaming or finding easier ways to do things. As a result, he registered over 1000 patents for electrical devices and other ways to make life more livable. He is known to be one of the most productive inventors ever. Maybe not so lazy after all. Imagine if he stayed as an office clerk? Weird.

albert einstein

Albert Einstein, one of history’s greatest minds and winner of the Nobel Prize among many other awards, was often to be seen rambling around the streets of Princeton, NJ, where he settled after arriving in America, appearing to be in something of a dream. During his lifetime, he developed the Theory of Relativity and widened our conceptions of the Universe as well as doing the theoretical work making nuclear energy, as well as weapons, possible to conceive. Einstein, perhaps, appearing dreamy or lazy, had one of the most productive minds in history.


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