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This is Why I Stopped Watching The News

I have stopped watching the news for more than two years now. I don’t read newspapers, avoid news websites, and switch the TV channel if I bump into a news program.

There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to stop or reduce how much news you consume. It can be too dramatic and distracting and make everything seem worse.

It’s also mostly for fun, not to change your opinions. And there’s one more reason to add to this list.

When you start paying attention to the news, you might notice that a lot of it isn’t reporting on what’s happening right now. Instead, it’s predicting what could happen in the future.

Some people think that if they stop following the news, they’ll be less informed about what’s happening worldwide, which will affect their daily lives. But actually, the opposite is true.

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When I stopped following the news, I felt more peaceful and focused and could work on things I love without feeling distracted or anxious.

It might seem like there’s no harm in keeping up with news about hypothetical events since most people won’t panic over things that might not even happen.

But the truth is, there is a cost to consuming this kind of news.

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Every time you read a headline or scroll through social media, your body produces a little cortisol, affecting your physical and mental health.

It can also make you feel more pessimistic about the world and your life.

We are all on social media. And according to research, it was discovered that Social media is the most used but least trusted news source.

Most trusted sources of news
Source: Statista

Instead of worrying about things that might happen in the future, it’s better to focus on the things you can control right now.

This will help you feel more empowered and less anxious. Don’t borrow trouble from a future that may never come.

Instead, invest your time and energy in things that will positively impact your life.

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