Elon Musk Wants to Change How Twitter Blue Verified Badge Works

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This is the simplest explanation to the whole Twitter Blue, Verification Badge and the many changes Elon Musk wants to implement on Twitter.

I have seen so many people talk about lately following the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, the Twitter Blue verified badge, and Twitter blue subscription.

It can be confusing. What is Twitter Blue? What is the verified badge about, and what does Elon Musk want to do about it?

Remember that I have talked about Elon Musk and Twitter matter for a while.

Even if you are five years old, after reading this article, you will understand what having a Twitter Blue subscription and what having a Twitter Badge means.

Quick Summary

Twitter blue is a subscription you can pay for and get exclusive features like editing your tweet, organizing the app to suit your taste, and using improved icons. Twitter blue badge, on the other hand, is a label beside the username of a Twitter user that indicates that that account is legitimate.

Twitter Blue badge is essential because once you become successful, many fraudsters will create accounts on social networks in your name, usually with an identical username, to defraud or mislead your unsuspecting followers.

What Elon Musk Said About Twitter Blue

Elon Musk is known for being very controversial. Sometimes, he makes sense, you just have to calm down and try and look at things from his perspective.

In the tweet above, Elon Musk implied that Twitter Blue would offer subscribers a blue checkmark for verification purposes, a feature that is currently limited to prominent people of interest.

Twitter Blue pricing will be adjusted by country “proportionate to purchasing power parity,” and Musk said there will be some kind of “paywall bypass” for publishers that are “willing to work with [Twitter].”

From the tweet, it is clear that Elon Musk wants people with the Verified Blue Badge to pay $8 monthly in order to keep their badges. Even though it is unclear whether you can pay $8 and instantly get verified, it is sure that people that are already verified will be asked to pay $8 to keep their verification badge.

Elon Musk hasn’t announced when the new pricing and feature set will go into effect, but currently, the in-app documentation for Blue is for the old system. Musk also says that Blue will give Twitter “a revenue stream to reward content creators,” but he hasn’t shared details of what those rewards for creators might look like in practice.

It’s also not clear how the verification system will work. Historically, it’s been available to a limited subset of high-profile users who may be imitated, either as a joke or to spread misinformation. However, Musk has said that he wants to use the system to control bot spam.

What is Twitter Blue?

A paid service called Twitter Blue gives users access to some extra features. Along with early access to anticipated novel and experimental features, these features offer various ways to see and interact with your postings. It resembles Twitter Plus essentially.

Twitter uses this to provide its subscribers with more practical and entertaining features.

More features will eventually make their way to the premium service, allowing you to test them ahead of other customers as time passes. 

Twitter Blue Features

The Twitter community has been requesting an edit, or even an undo tool for tweets for a very long time. Twitter has now included an Undo button in its subscription service, even though the edit button is still elusive.

The business claims that premium users will now be able to edit a tweet even after it has gone live, fix a typo, and preview it. There would be a “Last Updated” timestamp below the edited tweet to deter abuse of that feature.

You can arrange your bookmarked pages as well. Users may now organize their saved stuff under the Bookmark Folders feature. The new Bookmark folder lets you handle material instead of the generic recent-to-old strategy used to categorize typical bookmarks.

The Reader Mode is the final significant feature. By converting the threads into prose that is simple to read, this function offers a fresh way to browse the platform’s threads.

Twitter claims that the reading experience on the platform would become more beautiful by eliminating the noise.

How to enable/disable Reader Mode

  1. Locate the tweet details in the top right corner.
  2. To activate this function, tap the Reader Mode icon.
  3. To disable the function, tap the Reader Mode icon.

In conclusion, Twitter blue provides fantastic features that might enhance your experience with the app, but you must determine whether it is worthwhile to pay for.


If you’re considering getting Twitter Blue, the price is not too bad. You’ll pay a $2.99 monthly fee for the service.

Twitter Blue Verified Badge: A – Z

As I previously said, an authentic account can be recognized by a blue badge.

Elon Musk finalized his $44 billion (£37.9 billion) acquisition on Friday and changed his Twitter handle to Chief Twit.

The billionaire frequently voiced worries about the verification process and the quantity of spam and bot accounts he believed littered the site during the months of legal fighting before the acquisition.

Users of the following Twitter user types are eligible to apply for the blue badge: Governments, news outlets, media professionals, journalists, Organizations, businesses, brands, amusement, sports and gaming, organizers, activists, content creators, and influential people.

Twitter states that your account must be authenticnotable, and active to be eligible for the blue badge.

 How to apply for Twitter Verification

  1. Navigate to more icon in the main menu. 
  2. Select Settings and Support.
  3. Select Settings and Privacy. 
  4. Select Your account.
  5. Select Account information. Enter your password to continue. 
  6. Under Verified, select Request Verification. Then Start the request. 

Verification Badge for $8? Let me Re-explain

Let me explain this in simpler terms.

Since Elon Musk bought Twitter in October, the microblogging service has undergone modifications, including additional fees for verification.

Musk made this revelation on Wednesday, stating that Twitter will charge users who want a blue checkmark next to their name to indicate a verified account $8 (£7 per Month).

However, in response to the news, critics pointed out that finding trustworthy sources will now be more challenging.

Once the charges are fully implemented, a rising number of activists who recently rose to prominence thanks to the Twitter blue tick may find it challenging to keep their verification badge.

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