Why do we need Struggle to grow in Life?

Why Do We Need to Struggle to Grow in Life?

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Growth in any area of your life involves pain, stress, and struggle. Struggle is necessary for growth, and I will explain why and how.

It is only when you are at your lowest when the world is pushing down on you, and you have nowhere to run to or hide, is when you reveal your true self. It is only how a person acts in adversity that tells his real character. 

Those problems you are running from, you need them.

To grow in life, one must endure struggle. Life can be challenging; you will have to struggle. There is no way around it!

This article will explain what struggle means, why we need to struggle, and how we can turn out struggles into success!

Must We Struggle in Life?

No one can just wake up and be successful without struggling. That is because the struggle is a necessity for growth. In fact, struggle leads to growth.

Struggles and growth

If there were no obstacles in life, there would be no sense of achievement, elation, or satisfaction.

The bottom line is that struggle and growth are closely linked, so if you’re interested in one, you must embrace and enjoy the other. To live a meaningful life, you must experience and overcome challenges and struggles.

A recent study reports that young people suffer from despair as they enter middle age.

According to Further Blog, At this stage of life, you’re dealing with intense family, work, and social situations.

This quote by Vince Lombardi best explains this: One thing I know: If you’re going to reach any kind of height in life, whether it’s academically or athletically or artistically, whatever it might be, it doesn’t happen without a struggle.

It’s a commonly held belief that success comes quickly and without struggle. And while this may seem like an appealing idea, it also tends to lead to complacency, lack of progress, and, ultimately, stagnation. But this isn’t what life is.

How Struggles Help our Growth

In reality, you’ll find that success comes only after much effort and struggle. That’s because the struggle is necessary for growth. And when you face struggles head-on, you gain resilience and strength that you can use to overcome future challenges.

People often confuse the word “struggle” with “effort.” When they say, “I’m struggling,” they mean that they are putting in a lot of effort, fighting different things that hinder their progress. 

Suppose you are a young Nigerian, for example. In that case, you will have to struggle to make headway, especially if you were not born with a silver spoon. From enduring the federal universities to getting a job to the hardship of a terrible economy, it might seem like all the odds are against you. Add that to the stereotype you might face as a freelancer that many Nigerians are scammers. omo!

In his famous book (The Obstacle is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph), Ryan Holiday said:

“If a great life, or a meaningful life, can come only through pain and struggle, then a meaningful life must involve struggle. That is one of life’s great certainties. This does not mean that struggle will be easy or fun; it means only that it is necessary. And if something is necessary, we cannot afford to avoid it.”

Ryan Holiday

From this angle, we see that growth results from a never-ending cycle of challenges and achievements and hence involves pain and stress. Growth always comes with change and development.

Your Pains Can Trigger Your Growth

In order to experience growth in life, one has to go through the process of struggle. It is the pain that makes us stronger and more confident. It is the struggle that makes us who we are.

The truth is that pain will be part of your growth process. For example, some pains affect a child’s extremities. The pain usually occurs in the child’s calf, thigh, or back of the knee. While they may be uncomfortable for the child, the pains experienced as a result of growth are not dangerous. They do not cause serious health problems and are usually resolved by late childhood. 

Many businesses go through a growth cycle where the startup becomes a reality. As the market share increases, so do the size and revenue of the company. Eventually, the company reaches maturity and becomes established in the industry. At this point, the business continues to enjoy steady, steady growth. Unfortunately – as with all things growing, some companies fail and decline.

There is a quote from Viktor E. Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning that I love so much. It says: That which does not kill me makes me stronger.

How To Experience Growth in Your Life

How do you grow as a person? The answer is to go through struggles. The struggles themselves will make you stronger and better equipped to handle the next challenge that comes your way.

We all know that even when we have a good day, there will be another day when everything goes wrong. But it’s not about the good days, but about how we deal with the bad days.

Life is a series of struggles and success stories that make up who you are and what you become. The struggle is what makes us human and allows us to grow.

Struggles happen at different times and stages; sometimes, it can feel like you’re going through an emotional rollercoaster. But I’m here to tell you that this is what you need to get to where you want to go.

If you’re feeling stuck, it could mean you’re stagnant. And if you’re feeling stuck, you need to make significant progress.

I could show you many examples. The Bible is full of instances where God’s people must go through trials before they can go through triumphs. One such example is when Jesus was tempted by Satan and had to pray to return.

Dr. Dre is also a fantastic example. He was shot and experienced many difficulties, but he still managed to make it into the music industry.

This may be seen as a cliche statement, but growth requires struggle. The struggle is a requirement of change. 

Four Steps that Will Trigger Growth in Your Life

If you want to grow, you must take risks. That means that struggle is a requirement for growth. There are many benefits of struggle, such as:

  1. Experiencing failure allows you to identify areas of weakness and then improve upon them.
  2. When faced with a struggle, it forces you to question yourself and who you want to become.
  3. As you conquer complex tasks, you build self-confidence.
  4. Challenges may seem impossible initially, but eventually, they become more accessible and easier to handle.

The world is full of struggle. The struggle is a requirement for growth.

Growth requires struggle. Struggles provide lessons that you can use to become stronger.

This applies to anything you want to achieve, from losing weight to becoming an entrepreneur to raising children. If you want to grow, there will be struggles. This isn’t a bad thing. Embrace it, and you’ll grow stronger because of it!

Here is another quote from Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs that will inspire you:

A struggle can make you stronger, smarter, and wiser. 

A struggle can make you a better person. 

A struggle can lead you to your destiny. 

So if you’re looking to grow, go ahead and find a way to struggle!

There is never a right time to grow, so start now!

This is How to Survive the Struggles

To grow, you must first feel pain. So, do not run away. Stop looking for shortcuts.

Struggle is a requirement for growth because it allows you to conquer that pain and progress toward a better future.

Most times, growth does call for significant change on our part. We must alter both our perspectives and our preferences. While we enjoy growing, suffering is not something we want. We choose to keep doing what has been (largely) successful for us. Big changes are uncomfortable. We resist change by avoiding suffering.

It frequently takes a significant external change to face that discomfort. The ground is yanked out from under us by life. When that occurs, changing is the only way to move forward.

Avoid the Trap of Laziness

  • We want to score the highest marks in our exams, but we don’t want to work hard
  • We wish to be wealthy, but we don’t want to compromise our principles
  • We want to be powerful, but we don’t want to pay the price for acquiring power
  • We wish to be loved, but we don’t want to fulfill our obligations as a beloved

The thing is, we have to lose something to gain something in life.

When we are not mentally prepared to lose things, but we always desire to gain everything, there is a problem.

If you wish to avoid difficulties, you have to restrict your desires to the minimum. But to live your life above average, accept the fact that struggles will come, and handle them properly.

Summary – Don’t Run From your Struggles. Fight!

Playing around in the water, challenging yourself in enjoyable ways, and pushing yourself a little at a time are ways to learn to swim.

However, the less enjoyable it will be to challenge yourself, the less you’ll be playing in the water. The less likely you are to learn to swim.

Or otherwise, life can develop a leak and throw you overboard. Either you can swim, or you sink. Which, if some didn’t fall, would be a fantastic way,

Those who persevere through life’s challenges do get stronger. But not everyone makes it through the challenges of life.

Continue doing what you find enjoyable while making little growth-oriented efforts. If anything unexpected happens in life, at least you’ll realize that you are capable of adapting.


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