Why is Canva The Best (Among Its Mates)?

Canva graphic design tool

Anyone in the world can make a spectacular flyer and post it on Instagram, thanks to Canva, a graphic design application that combines the features of a photo editor, flyer, and logo designer. Its simplicity of use gives it a competitive edge. 

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The drag-and-click layout makes it very simple to design anything, from simple media designs to detailed infographics. Companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and even Nike have used this platform to create marketing materials and graphics for their social media accounts. Both big and small businesses enjoy using it, and regular people want to develop lovely designs without paying a dime.

Canva’s mission is to help make and share visuals for users as simple as possible. This is important because it helps everyone to create, design, and present knowledge.

Due to its distinctive features, Canva, first introduced in 2012, is now a favorite among many marketers and producers worldwide. Premade templates and other design elements are available, and it is user friendly. Thanks to the various tools, you can instantly build a unique, flawless design.

Canva is one of the most potent tools business owners use.

Canva is Easy to Use 

Professional graphic design tools like Photoshop can be confusing for newbies to understand. On the other hand, Canva makes things easier! Of course, there are things that Photoshop can do that cannot be done with Canva. I won’t even lie to you!

With the way their desktop application was designed, it is straightforward. There are so many tutorials and guides for Canva available on the internet!

Canva has a Fantastic Interface.

The drag-and-paste feature makes it simple and quick to customize tens of thousands of templates. Presentations, logos, and business cards are additionally printed and distributed.

Many Businesses Use Canva

Over 500 companies use Canva. That is a whole lot!

With the growth of this platform, some businesses now employ 10 to 50 people. The company makes up to $10 million in income. Canva is used frequently in the top industries, including education institutions, finance, entertainment, and digital. 

The education sector is the most popular sector for Canva users, with 39.4% of businesses utilizing the software that belongs to this sector. Innovation comes in at 11.8%, followed by advertising and promotion, with a rate of 15.4%. Because of its inexpensive cost and simple usability, Canva has users in more than 190 countries. More than 190 different countries have used the network since it first launched.

Important Statistics about Canva

Age Range of Canva Users

Canva users tend to be between the ages of 25 and 34%. About 34% of the platform’s users fall into this age range. The second-largest age group using canvas is 18 to 24 percent, which accounts for 30% of users.

Gender of Canva Users

Somewhat more women make up its user base. There isn’t a significant gender divide among canvas users when looking at the distribution of users by gender. It’s justified to say that people adore what Canva offers because about 55% of its users are female, and 45% are male.

Memory Capacity or Limits

All of your designs in Canva are instantly saved. This is advantageous since you can access the creation or previous layouts anyplace.

You do not need to use a memory card. Again, this implies that you won’t have to be concerned if your system breaks down or shuts off because your achievements are protected. All your designs are saved forever on Canva. You can always come back to edit them.

According to Canva’s data analysis, which includes its user base and the number of designs made since Canva launched, numerous reasons explain why it is so popular across the globe.

Why Canva Beats its Competitors Completely

Canva graphic design tool
  1. A stunning 75 million people were a part of the Canva community as of the year-end report for 2021. The study found that 67% of those users chose to pay a subscription fee rather than create a free account, which would have given them access to many pricey templates and design elements.
  2. Since Canva’s launch, 8 billion designs have been made. That astonishing figure demonstrates how much users rely on the program to produce drawings, presentations, films, and other things. Canva does provide constructed templates for many different types of designs, after all.
  3. Nearly 800,000 teams pay for Canva accounts. Many users value having access to Canva’s premium features because many teams have paid for subscriptions to the platform.
  4. Canva has the advantages of being available to everyone and being inexpensive. For social media, marketing initiatives, or other tasks, you can utilize it to produce visually appealing graphics. Canva has a limited number of professional-focused capabilities. Get Canva Pro if you want direct exposure to those capabilities and a unique collection of stock images, fonts, shapes, and templates. You may also purchase in-app items to avoid paying for the Pro version. There are no prerequisite qualifications or skills necessary.
  5. You can easily create wireframes with Canva. Create content for a specific size easily by using pre-made size templates. The tool’s transparency feature is available for all items. Create a variety of graphics and icons for various aspects.
  6. Canva’s unique features include its Curved Text Generator, Image Enhancer, Photo Effects, Add Frames and Text to Photos, Online Video Recorder, Video Trimmer, and Video to MP4 Converter.

Summary: Canva is a Badass Design Tool

To sum up, Canva is a terrific tool for everyone who wants to make amazing graphics without having any design skills. Finding the ideal design for every need is simple, thanks to the abundance of templates and resources.

I am a member of the Canva Product community on LinkedIn, you can join it here.

Additionally, you can add your photos and logos to utilize in your designs. Canva users may quickly email, print, or share their designs on social media. All professionals should use Canva, an intuitive and cost-free design tool.

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